If you are ready to examine how to extend the Walker Learning pedagogy into the middle and upper primary years, then join us from the comfort of your living room, garden or even your work environment for the NEW online delivery our Walker Learning OVERVIEW.

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If you are ready to examine how to extend Walker Learning from Investigations and inquiry learning into the middle and upper primary years, then join us for our online delivery of the Walker Learning OVERVIEW (years 3-6).

Our PD opens with a presentation by Dr. Peggy Kern, associate professor at the Centre for Positive Psychology within the University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Education. In her presentation, Peggy will bring into focus the specific stages of development relevant to children (8-12 years) in the middle and upper years of primary school and as they mature. She will discuss the importance of this stage and some of the influences on this age group in the current climate. Peggy will provide practical suggestions on what educators can do to help their students develop a healthy self-esteem, a sense of competence, and a sense of belonging.

Following on from Peggy, our Walker Learning consultant will present tangible ways teachers can support resilience, competence, and belonging within the Walker Learning pedagogy. Fundamental to the Walker Learning pedagogy is that opportunities for the development of the whole child are authentic, relevant, and meaningful for all children regardless of their age, culture, family context, socioeconomic background, or geographical location. Building children into confident and engaged learners who have a strong sense of wellbeing and identity as well as being connected to and contribute to the world they live in are crucial at every stage of life.

This dynamic webinar will then examine the key elements of the middle and upper primary Walker Learning pedagogy through presentation slides, video, and an expert panel discussion with our consultants. The key elements of this PD include:

  • Expert review of the developmental milestones reached in the 8-12 year age group
  • Research and philosophy of Walker Learning
  • Engaging classrooms for the middle and upper years
  • Class Meetings, clinic groups, communication boards, education research projects and sharing learning
  • Implementation strategies for schools
  • Introduction to Planning and Documentation (Years 3-6)

This half-day session is suitable for teachers and leaders from schools implementing Walker Learning and wanting to continue the pedagogy through to the middle and upper years of primary, as inquiry learning. This session will conclude with an audience Q&A.

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*Online or face to face customised Walker Learning Overviews for individual schools or teams, can be arranged on request. Twilight sessions are available.

Australian Professional Teaching Standards: APTS –1.2, 3.4, 3.6, 3.7, 4.1,4.2, 5.4, 6.2

Walker Learning Approach PathwayThe Walker Learning Pathway
The Walker Learning Approach is a journey and is best implemented through a pathway of PD modules which can be attended online or delivered as customised sessions to your school.