Walker Learning brings together best practices in teaching and learning and provides a seamless transition across all stages of education from early childhood to year 6.

  • Developmentally appropriate, personalised, and holistic learning
  • Draws from the fields of developmental psychology and neuroscience
  • A balanced approach of investigative learning alongside intentional and explicit instruction in literacy, numeracy, and STEM
  • Life skills are integrated across all learning areas
  • Learning is authentically, culturally and personally relevant, and meaningful
  • Places relationships as the central motivator for learning
  • Embeds a growth mindset that acknowledges effort, strategy, and progress
  • The starting point for all teaching and learning is the whole child

Are you wanting to increase children’s engagement through a play-based or inquiry learning pedagogy?

Join us online in January 2022 for 1, 2, or 3 days of professional learning and start your Walker Learning journey.

  • Day 1 – Virtual Study Tour: Observe students and teachers in action, demonstrating the Walker Learning approach
  • Day 2 AM – Walker Learning Overview: Reviews underpinning theory and step by step implementation strategies of the core elements
  • Day 2 PM – Creating Engaging and Intentional Learning Environments: Setting up inspiring learning environments that promote and sustain children’s learning while linking literacy and numeracy to investigations
  • Day 3 AM – Taking Learning Outside: Practical ideas to facilitate high-quality, developmentally appropriate learning outdoors.
  • Day 3 PM: Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives

Studies suggest outdoor curriculum experiences pose a lower infection risk than those done indoors, so moving learning outside post-COVID could be just the ticket for health, wellbeing, and engagement!

This practical, workshop-style PD unpacks a range of practical ideas and creative opportunities for working with children in the outdoor environment.