Investigative and Inquiry Learning Outdoors


NATURE PLAY - Transitioning Outdoor Learning into the Early Primary Years Student Wellbeing

It’s only “natural” we should look to the outdoors for learning during COVID. Studies suggest outdoor activities pose a lower transmission risk than those done indoors.

Are you looking for inspiration and creative ways to take your classroom learning outdoors?

Drawing on academic research, our expert nature and outdoor learning consultant Niki Buchan explains why learning outdoors is so beneficial to wellbeing and provides plenty of tips and activities to help you integrate outdoor learning into your teaching practice, providing a range of engaging outdoor learning experiences for your students. Topics discussed include: learning outside the classroom, outdoor education, nature activities, investigative play, urban outdoor activities, problem-solving, creative thinking, and strategies for supporting literacy, numeracy, and STEM curriculum objectives. This LIVE webinar is for primary practitioners of children 5-8 years of age who want to shake up their usual classroom routine and discover the benefits of teaching and learning outdoors.

Our guest consultant Niki Buchan has a great love for the outdoors and has been working with both educators and young children in natural and urban sensorial environments both indoors and outdoors for more than 35 years.

She is considered a leading voice in Australia and Internationally as a nature pedagogue, mentor, and author in nature-based and outdoor learning.

Now is the time to take advantage of one of the safest spaces for learning during the pandemic—the outdoors.