Walker Learning and Early Life Foundations supports parents and communities across Australia and Internationally. Our specialist team provide a wider variety of parent support services, these include:

  • Parent presentations and workshops
  • Resources – books, fact sheets, newsletters
  • An Introduction to Walker Learning FOR PARENTS


We speak at AGM’s and community information sessions for parents and educators on a range of topics related to parenting, society and education.  Our team of highly experienced consultants can present these parent presentations across Australia throughout the school year.

Choose one of our pre-designed presentations below or have one designed to suit the needs of your community. You can request a presentation by one of the ELF Team by calling the office (+61 3 9551 1900), sending us a message via contact us or go directly to Request a Customised Session.

The Importance of Childhood & Play

Childhood needs to be nurtured and play forms a key component of a child’s development. In modern times, it can be seen as increasingly hard to hold onto giving your child a childhood!

This presentation gives examples of the major aspects of childhood and child development and focuses on what children need most in their early years. It highlights the importance and richness of play and how learning, life skills, self-esteem and resilience are all promoted through encouraging and allowing children to play.

Setting Our Children Up For Success

This presentation encourages the need for parents and schools to look more broadly at what success means and what elements may constitute a successful and rewarding life. It asks the question; “what is success?” and looks into ideas that go far beyond academia.

This presentation considers the complexities of life and what contributes to a successful and rewarding life. Practical ideas and strategies are provided which include, the importance of self expression, reaching out when you need to, taking on challenges, meaningful relationships and effective communication. This session highlights the importance of viewing life and success in a holistic way that is not measured simply by money or career but by relationships, choices and a positive self esteem.

Building Resilient Children

Resilience, self-esteem, strength of character and mental wellbeing are central to being able to manage the challenges of life. These qualities make us independent and confident.

Being able to bounce back, take a risk, have a go and solve problems are important life skills for children and adults. Being resilient helps us to reach realistically for our goals and to be able to tackle difficult times. This presentation provides strategies to help your child build resilience and a positive self-esteem.

School Preparation & Transition

So, your child is off to school next year? How do you prepare your child, yourself and the rest of the family?

Once you have made the decision your child is going to school and chosen a school, there is the consideration of how best to help your child to make a smooth and easy transition to school where they feel as secure and relaxed as possible.

This presentation provides many practical and important strategies for the family and for the child on how to prepare for this importance transition.

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Customised sessions are where you choose a topic/area of support from our list, or a topic customised to suit your school, centre or community’s needs. Customised sessions are conducted nationally and internationally. These sessions are for educators and/or for parents.

Please submit a Request a Customised Session to detail your presentation requirements and the office will contact you to discuss your request.

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