Planning & Providing for our Youngest Learners.



Planning & Providing the Best for our Youngest Learners

Are you working with Babies and Toddlers this year?

With the expertise of a Maternal and Child Health Nurse we will explore the particular developmental needs of babies and toddlers and the critical role of warm, nurturing relationships with educators and everything babies and toddlers need to thrive and flourish.

We will also revisit our understanding of the pivotal importance of:

  • Attachment theory
  • Emotional Intelligence theory
  • Developmentally appropriate practice
  • Observing, documenting and planning for individual children
  • Creating inviting and age appropriate learning environments

This morning session is specifically tailored for educators working with children from birth to three years of age.

Australian Professional Teaching Standards: APTS – 1.5, 4.1, 6.4 National

Quality Standard: QA - 1, 3, 5, 6

Morning Tea provided

Start Time: 9.30am to 12.30pm

Bookings will fill quickly, please register early to avoid disappointment.