Join us for our Walker Learning Virtual Study Tour - Years 3-6


Join us for an up, close and personal look at Walker Learning pedagogy in action across the middle and upper levels of Primary school. Through video footage, you will see real classrooms demonstrating personalised, relevant teaching and learning through the use of Focus Children, Tuning In and Reflection sessions as well as Class Meetings and Educational Research Projects. Discover more about how the pedagogy matches the developmental age and stage of 8-12 year old students and how curriculum links are made.

A Live Panel discussion including Walker Learning consultant, practicing teacher, and leader will conclude the session and provide an opportunity to ask questions about their Walker Learning journey and the impact they see it having on students.

Don’t miss this chance to be inspired and deepen your understanding of Walker Learning in the middle and upper Primary levels.

*Online Customised Virtual Study Tours (Years 3-6) or whole school (F/K/P or R to Year 6) for individual schools or teams, can be arranged on request.

Australian Professional Teaching Standards: APTS –1.1,1.2,1.5,3.2,3.5,6.4

Walker Learning Approach PathwayThe Walker Learning Pathway
The Walker Learning Approach is a journey and is best implemented through a pathway of PD modules that can be attended online or delivered as customised sessions to your school.