Exploring the benefits of creativity and art processes on wellbeing



Early Life Foundations and Kindred Art Space are pleased to invite you to a professional development day with a difference.

Increasingly research and teachers in the field are finding stress and anxiety is impacting children’s ability to learn effectively. Join us for a practical, informative and hands on workshop to discover ways to enhance children’s wellbeing through a series of creative processes.

Run by Art Therapist and Counsellor, Kerryn Knight and Early Life’s Education Consultant, this workshop involves the following series of creative experiences, which can be adapted for use with children of all ages.

Research: Participants will be taken through case studies and research around the benefits of creative therapeutic processes to foster and support the good mental health and wellbeing of children.

Mindfulness Processes: Participants will experience a series of simple mindfulness relaxation process suitable to use with all age groups.

  • Sand Play Therapy
  • Tree of Me (November) or Symbol Beads (March)
  • Labyrinth Walk

Australian Professional Teaching Standards: APTS – 1.5,2.1,3.3, 3.4

National Quality Standard: QA - 1,3

Times: 9.30am-3.30 pm

Kindred Art Space 22 Kookaburra Street Frankston

Morning Tea and Lunch Provided