A perfect session, Australia-wide, for staff ready to address areas of inclusion and diversity as part of their professional development goals.

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2 hours, 01:00 PM AEST - 03:00 PM AEST


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Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives SRF Wellbeing SRF Wellbeing Student Wellbeing 

In planning for personalised, developmentally, and culturally appropriate teaching and learning, the Walker Learning pedagogy ensures that opportunities for the development of the whole child are authentic, relevant, and meaningful regardless of their age, culture, family context, socioeconomic background, or geographical location. Many teachers want to do this but may be unsure of where to start.

Add to your knowledge and ongoing professional learning by joining us and our guest presenter Mikayla King.

Mikayla is a Kalkadoon and Dutch woman who was born on Whadjuk Country of the Noongar Nation. Her experience in education spans over a decade in various roles including Aboriginal Islander Education Officer, Classroom Teacher and Deputy Prinicipal. Currently, Mikayla is lecturing at Edith Cowan University whilst completing her PhD. She has been recognised on a local and national level for her impact in the education realm.

In this PD, Mikayla shares first-hand knowledge and experience with you. The Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives Professional Learning session provides the opportunity for educators to understand the importance of embedding Aboriginal perspectives into daily teaching practice. It is infused with practical experiences and stories of Mikayla's teaching experience on Whadjuk Country/Perth. The processes and theoretical frameworks can be translated to suit a range of contexts in consultation with traditional owners, local Aboriginal educators and cultural consultants. Supported by research and a range of examples of quality, responsive, and appropriate resources, this session provides inspiration and practical ideas you can start using in your preschool and primary setting with confidence.

A perfect session, Australia-wide, for staff ready to address areas of inclusion, equity and diversity as part of their critical reflection and professional development goals.

Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives is a Kindy Uplift supported professional development session in Queensland. The priority areas for Kindy Uplift are Social and Emotional Capability, Physicality, Thinking and Resounding, Oral Language and Communication & Access and Inclusion. Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives strongly aligns with the Access and Inclusion priority area.