This dynamic webinar examines through presentation slides, video, expert panel discussions and audience Q&A how to build children’s resilience.

Live online events

3 hours, 09:30 AM AEST - 12:30 PM AEST


  • PD hours: 3
  • $310.00 excl. GST

3 hours, 09:30 AM AEDT - 12:30 PM AEDT


  • PD hours: 3
  • $310.00 excl. GST


Building Resilience in Pre-Schoolers SRF Wellbeing SRF WellbeingStudent WellbeingStudent Wellbeing

Join us for our online delivery of Building Resilience in Pre-Schoolers. Our online event is SCHOOL READINESS FUNDING APPROVED in Victoria and KINDY UPLIFT supported in Queensland

This dynamic webinar examines how to improve mental health and wellbeing and long-term outcomes for children in all areas through presentation slides and expert panel discussions. The training supports Version 2 EYLF practices of planning intentionally and responsively for children and creating supportive physical, temporal, intellectual, social and emotional play-based environments. Educators will be given strategies to understand and respond to children’s emotions and behaviour and ideas to provide environments that proactively nurture wellbeing as well as have the opportunity to participate in audience Q&A.

Each workshop aims to:

  • inform educators of current research highlighting how strong mental health foundations support positive outcomes for life and learning.
  • support understanding of what resilience is and how to build children’s capacity to ‘bounce back.’
  • encourage critical reflection on self, personality types and relationship building.
  • increase knowledge of techniques and resources to enhance the physical, temporal and social and emotional environments

Practical strategies for building resilience in self and in children are included in the workshop. The real-life experiences our early childhood consultants bring to this presentation will address a range of common scenarios in the 3-5 years age group and offer suggestions to support resilience. Our consultants will share their knowledge and deep understanding of young children’s behaviour throughout this session.

The online scheduled educator sessions include a digital workbook, session notes, an e-book parent resource, and expert panel Q & A with consultants and Dr Peggy Kern, Associate Professor at the Centre for Wellbeing Science, The University of Melbourne.

This PD session is suitable for teachers and leaders wanting to enhance and support children’s social and emotional learning in the early childhood years.

Recognising the important partnership between family and the centre, we invite you to book a 45-minute live online Parent session that promotes conversations around resilience and wellbeing. The parent session is supported by an ebook resource and complements the educator's professional development session. Contact us for a quote.

Customised and group bookings: Building Resilience in Preschoolers can be booked as a customised in person or online session for your school or centre. Please CLICK HERE to send through your enquiry.

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Australian Professional Teaching Standards: APTS –1.1,1.3,1.5,4.1,4.3,6.2

The cost of this event is for a single registration for one person. The link provided is not able to be shared.

In Victoria there are three priority areas for School Readiness Funding in 2023, Communication (language development), Wellbeing (social and emotional), and Access & Inclusions. Building Resilience in Pre-Schoolers fits into the Wellbeing (social & emotional) area.

SRF - VEYLDF Alignment

Item uses these practice principles: High expectations for every child.

Item responds to these sub-outcomes: Children become strong in their social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Strength of Evidence: Level 6 - Supported by expert opinion

Priority Area: Wellbeing (social and emotional)

In Queensland, the priority areas for Kindy Uplift are Social and Emotional Capability, Physicality, Thinking and Resounding, Oral Language and Communication & Access and Inclusion.
Building Resilience in Preschoolers strongly aligns with the Social and Emotional Capability priority area.