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3 hours, 09:30 AM AEST - 12:30 PM AEST


  • PD hours: 3
  • $320.00 excl. GST

3 hours, 09:30 AM AEDT - 12:30 PM AEDT


  • PD hours: 3
  • $320.00 excl. GST


Early Childhood Play Matters SRF Wellbeing NESA accredited Student Wellbeing Student Wellbeing

Join us for our online delivery of Early Childhood Play Matters. Our online event is SCHOOL READINESS FUNDING APPROVED in Victoria, NESA Accredited in NSW and KINDY UPLIFT supported in Queensland.

This dynamic webinar will reinforce through presentation slides, expert panel discussions and audience Q&A the importance of play and intentional teaching, and how play provides essential foundations for life. It also discusses what constitutes best practice in a high-quality early childhood program.

Our online panel of Walker Learning experts have amassed over 50 years of experience, not just as Walker Learning Consultants but also as teachers and past Directors of Kindergartens and Early Childhood Learning Centres. They bring their expertise and knowledge to the discussion about the importance of play-based learning.

Interaction is encouraged throughout the session via the chat wall where we invite you to share your thoughts and post questions for our experts to address. Further opportunity for professional discussion is offered in the presenter-led discussion.

This webinar aims to equip early childhood educators with evidence and affirmation about the value of play. It focuses on the importance of relationships; developing authentic, culturally appropriate, and inclusive practice; enhancing children’s learning through ‘scaffolding’; rich, engaging environments; intentional teaching; and planning for and documenting children’s learning and development effectively.

Participants explore the theory of play and learn how neuroscience informs the understanding of children’s development. This session relates to the new EYLF Practices (Version 2) of incorporating intentionality in play-based learning as well as monitoring and evaluating children's learning, development and progress against the Learning Outcomes. We will also introduce innovative ways to ‘add value’ to the teaching of literacy, numeracy, STEM, and life skills through creatively setting up learning invitations in an Early Childhood setting.

This session is based on the book Early Childhood Play Matters, by Kathy Walker (OAM) and Shona Bass. The cost of attending this event is $320 per registration (excl GST). The book Early Childhood Play Matters is not automatically included with your registration. If you would like to receive a copy of the book it is available for purchase when you register for this event, increasing the registration cost to $380 (excl GST). PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT need to purchase the book Early Childhood Play Matters to attend this event.

Recognising the important partnership between family and the centre, we invite you to book a 45-minute live online Parent session that promotes conversations around the importance of play. The parent session is supported by an ebook resource and complements the educator's professional development session. Contact us for a quote.

Suitable for educators of children birth to 5 years of age.

Customised and group bookings: Early Childhood Play Matters can be booked as a customised in person or online session for your school or centre. Please CLICK HERE to send through your enquiry.

The cost of this event is for a single registration for one person. The link provided is not able to be shared.

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Australian Professional Teaching Standards: APTS – 1.1, 3.7, 6.4,7.3 National Quality Standard: QA - 1, 3, 5, 6, 7

In New South Wales, Early Childhood Play Matters is a NESA Accredited professional development session. Completing Early Childhood Play Matters will contribute 3 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Delivery and assessment of NSW Curriculum/Early Years Learning Framework addressing standard descriptors 1.1.2 and 1.5.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

In Victoria, there are three priority areas for School Readiness Funding in 2023, Communication (language development), Wellbeing (social and emotional), and Access & Inclusions. Early Childhood Play Matters fits into the Communication (language development), Wellbeing (social & emotional) area and Access & Inclusion areas.

SRF - VEYLDF Alignment

Item uses these practice principles: Reflective practice, partnerships with families, High expectations for every child, Respectful relationships and responsive engagement, Integrated teaching and learning approaches, Partnerships with professionals.

Item responds to these sub-outcomes: Children become strong in their social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Strength of Evidence: Level 6 - Supported by expert opinion

Priority Area: Communication (language development), Wellbeing (social and emotional) & Access and Inclusion

In Queensland, the priority areas for Kindy Uplift are Social and Emotional Capability, Physicality, Thinking and Resounding, Oral Language and Communication & Access and Inclusion.
  Early Childhood Play Matters strongly aligns with the Social and Emotional Capability & Oral Language and Communication priority areas and partially aligns with Thinking and Responding & Access and Inclusion.